Support Program

I. Educational Support Program

Eligible Applicants
Third-year (senior year) high school students in the affected area seeking higher education, at universities and vocational colleges, with a recommendation letter from his/her high school principal.
Examination fees, transportation and hotel expenses will be granted based on Hope for Tomorrow's guidelines.
Examination fees: Examination fee for the "National Center For University Entrance Examination" and examination fees for 2 schools (not applicable if examination fee is waived).
Transportation Expenses: Public transportation expenses from home to and from the place of the entrance examination.
Accommodation Expenses: Maximum of JPY 5,000 applicable for a standard business hotel.

Based on the research released on April 26, 2011 by the Tokyo Federation of Private University Faculty and Staff Unions, the examination fee for the "National Center For University Entrance Examination" is JPY 18,000 (for 3 subjects or more); the second round examination fee for public universities is JPY 17,000 and for private universities JPY 35,000; and the examination fee for the faculty of medicine (medical college) at private universities is JPY 60,000. On average, a high school student in Japan applies to 6 to 8 universities.
In addition to the examination fees, when applying for schools distant from home, travel expenses are required. Based on the aforementioned research, the expenses associated with taking entrance exams (examination fees, transportation and hotel costs) for students applying in nearby areas commutable from home is JPY 205,900, compared to JPY 239,400 for students applying to distant universities not commutable from home.
For a student living in Sendai, quake-affected areas, applying to a school in Tokyo will cost JPY 16,000 for transportation (using Shinkansen bullet train to the exam, and highway bus to return) and approximately JPY 6,000 for accommodation (at a standard business hotel).

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II. International Exchange Support Program

Eligible Applicants
High school students living in the affected area with a recommendation letter from his/her school principal.
Provides high school students with the opportunity to deepen understanding of different cultures by exchanging ideas and to enhance their foreign language capability through speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Necessary equipment and communication expenses in Japan will be borne by Hope for Tomorrow.
* For school related parties seeking support, please contact us.
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