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The March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami has inflicted immeasurable pain and suffering on those in the affected areas. At one junior high school, a student had passed the entrance examination for a high school in Sendai, but had to give up further schooling because the tsunami washed away his family's house and his father lost his job. To help ensure that students in the affected areas can further their education, this NPO Hope for Tomorrow has been created.

Various support schemes for education of quake-affected students have already been introduced in Japan. Tuition fees have been waived at many high schools, and some universities and vocational colleges waive entrance and tuition fees, or offer scholarships. Livelihood support is now provided through donations and other means.(as of August 2011)

One element missing in these schemes, however, is the support for high school students who are going to take the entrance examinations to universities or colleges, the cost for which exceeds JPY 200,000 on the national average. This weighs as a heavy burden on families who are already in acute financial straits because of the earthquake. We have thus decided to extend what support we can to help alleviate this burden.

Among the victims of the earthquake and tsunami were two Americans who were teaching English at primary and junior high schools under the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program, which is funded by the Japanese government to invite young people from overseas to assist with foreign language teaching and international exchange activities in various local communities. To carry forward the wishes of the deceased, initiatives have been undertaken by their bereaved families and fellow JET participants to support the people in the affected areas.

To sustain these heart-to-heart bonds among people across national boundaries and also to ensure Japan's reconstruction and further development, we, at Hope for Tomorrow, believe that it is more important now than ever to engage in exchanges with people overseas. Exchanges through the use of foreign languages will give children an incentive to learn about the diversity of the world and widen their options for the future. With these ideas in mind, Hope for Tomorrow will also support the international exchange activities.

Our Intention

Unlike well-known, big charity organizations, our aim is not to provide large-scale support. We intend to provide support, however modest, in such a way that the good will of each supporter will be felt tangibly by the children concerned. We will work in close contact with the senior high schools in the affected areas to make our support sustainable and meaningful. Our primary aim is to build lasting bonds between you and the affected children through Hope for Tomorrow support programs.

The full amount of your donation will be used to support high school students. Operating costs will be borne by the Board members of Hope for Tomorrow. To gain support for our activities from as many donors as possible, it is necessary to have in place a credible and sustainable organizational arrangement. Believing that an incorporated NPO (non-profit organization) would best serve this purpose, our organization was recognized as an incorporated NPO in October, 2011. And then, we obtained 'Authorized NPO' from The Tokyo Metropolitan Government in November 2013. We promise to maintain fairness and transparency in our activities, and will compile annual reports on our support activities.

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Executive Board Members
Rieko Tanaka, Yukiko Shimahara, Akiko Yoshikawa, Miwako Mizuno
Takeo Sekihara


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